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Dear Readers, Colleagues and Friends,

Welcome to GUIDELINES INTERNETIONAL , the new (renewed) news magazine of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. After last year’s issue of GUIDELINES INTERNATIONAL on a CD-ROM, reactions showed that many colleagues welcomed the idea of making use of the electronic media. Searching for the most cost-effective way of producing GUIDELINES, the Vienna Chamber of Commerce once again graciously assisted by putting our news magazine on the Internet. I am, of course, fully aware of the fact that not all associations , let alone individual members, have access to Internet and e-mail. However, I trust that those of you who have will help to disseminate this first and the following issues of GUIDELINES INTERNETIONAL to members of your associations, to your friends and to other interested parties. As usual, I invite you to let me have your comments, suggestions, news and contributions. Please address your letters, faxes, e-mails to:


Elisabeth Schroder
c/o Wirtschaftskammer Wien FG 608
Stubenring 8-10
A-1010 Vienna/Austria
Fax: +43 1 51 450 1342

Dear Partner in Tourism:

It is a great pleasure to extend warmest greetings on behalf of the Executive Board to our members, tourism colleagues and friends. I hope this finds you enjoying the best of health and a prosperous tour season.

The growth of tourism worldwide and the many professional demands therein are staggering. Sites are overburdened; the need for more tourist guides increases almost daily; coach parking in urban centers decreases; wilderness areas are more crowded than ever. With these problems come an even greater need for well trained professionals throughout the industry.

The World Federation is fully committed to keeping up with the changing needs and maintaining the highest standards throughout its membership. The Executive Board has been exploring new "tourism partnerships" which will create new opportunities and visibility for our profession.

Deborah Androus

Continual updates to our web site, new marketing efforts, participation in international trade shows are but a few of the activities that indeed make this an exciting and challenging time for our organization. I applaud the many hours of hard work and energy put forth by my fellow Board members.

The Training Program of the World Federation continues to evolve, with a keener sensitivity to the needs in regions developing tourism industries. Contacts with tourist guides in Pakistan, Ghana and India, to name a few, have brought increased awareness of the need for well trained tourist guides the world over. Through these contacts and others, we hope to forge meaningful relationships with colleagues now in the early stages of professional development.

The 9th International Convention of the World Federation is radiply approaching. As we prepare to convene in Israel next January, I would like to encourage you to register early. Our Israeli colleagues are organizing a program that promises to be stimulating, informative and culturally rich. As this is the one opportunity every two years to meet, your participation is invaluable to the organization. I am confident we will all share a memorable time together. I would like to thank Mr. Schmuel Bar-El and his committee for all the hard work they have already given in anticipation of our meeting.

Finally, my thanks to our editor Elisabeth Schroder for her commitment to Guidelines International. Armed with great determination, she continues to bring us all an informative and professional newsletter.

Deborah Androus





New Address
The Professional Tour Guide Association of Australia Inc. (PTGAA) has now a formal address, telephone number and email address: PTGAA, Level M2, Rialto North Tower, 525 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic. 3000; Tel. +61-3-9614-0906; Email:

The mailing address remains as: P.O. Box 34, Armadale North, Vic. 3143.

Guides granted the right to wear special badge
Tourism Victoria has granted the right to PTGAA members to wear the Victoria Tourism lapel badge – the famous jig-saw map of Victoria in recognition of the work the guides are doing to promote Victoria.

Proposal for Accreditation
A meeting of Tourist Guide Associations and State Tourism Commission representatives was scheduled to take place place in Canberra on 22 June 2000 to discuss Tourist Guide Accreditation and the formation of a National Federation of Australian Tourist Guide Associations. PTGAA prepared a proposal for accreditation which they feel is broad enough in its structure to cater for all styles of guiding including specialist tours in such areas as Australian Art, Architecture, Gardens, Sports, Military History etc., general insterest tours for local residents, tours for Senior Citizens and
Clubs, regional area tours and, in a highly skilled area, tours for the physically challenged person. The list goes on and on.

PTGAA hopes to also encourage the other States to establish an independent National Association of Professional Tourist Guides to oversee accreditation and deal with matters of National importance.



Creation of a National Office and Launch of National Newsletter
In June of this year, the Institute of Australian Tourist Guides (IATG) has launched its first issue of a national newsletter. In her President’s Message, Annette Gaborit says that new Areas are literally sprouting up all over the country. To become an Area in its own right, it needs to have at least ten members. The Top End Area was the first to reach that stage; Adelaide and Cairns are well on their way. There are also members in Brisbane, Perth and Alice Springs. All up, there are now about 200 members around the country. The organisation is still run on a voluntary basis.

This has necessitated the creation of a National Office, made up of one representative of each Area. The National Office deals with issues where a national consensus is vital.

Address of the new IATG National Office: P.O. Box W128, Warringham Mall, NSW 2100; Tel. +61-2-9401 1051; Fax +61-2-9401 1050; Email:



12th Austrian Workshop for Guides
This year, the tradional Austrian Workshops for Guides will take place in Innsbruck, the capital city of the federal province of Tyrol, from 8-11 November.



Receivers of the newsletter "Alik" may have been puzzled by this "strange" name which does not really match any acronym of a guide association. In this year’s March/April issue, Houri Nazaretian, who does not only share the publishing of the newsletter but also the World Federation’s representation in The Americas with Vicky Schwartz, has enlightened her readers. "Alik" means "Wave" in Armenian. It reflects Houri’s feelings after being physically incapacitated following a car accident. She says that "Alik" kept her in contact with all that was and is dear to her heart, her job and her friends. Thank you, Houri, for enriching the array of guides‘ newsletters!


The Marketing Committee of the APGT has developed a new pamphlet which is handed out to coach drivers and tour directors explaining rules and regulations of tourist coach driving and parking in Montreal. It also points out that all visits must be conducted by a licensed tourist guides. Both drivers and tour directors are made aware of the fines if the appropriate laws are not respected.

The guides‘ visibility campaign continues too. Guides carry their membership cards and flags on walking tours; coaches with a licensed guide on board display a red triangle in the windscreen.

Referring to a guide fee schedule published in one of the Montreal Professional Tour Guides Associations Bulletins, the editor of GUIDELINES INTERNETIONAL discovered a warning note from the President of the Association which well deserves the consideration of all of us: " ... a suggested fee schedule so that members may know what is "morally" acceptable to charge our employers. We cannot evidently be looking over everyone’s shoulders to ensure that no one "gives it away", but we hope that this schedule will inspire and encourage you. Do not forget that to accept work at lesser fees than these is to stick not only one’s finger but one’s hand in a gear-work that is hard to reverse."


The Committee on Affiliate Membership of the Canadian Tour Guide Association of Toronto(CTGA) presented a proposal for a new category of membership. The Sponsoring Membership will be open to tour operators and destination management companies (DMCs) in the area.

Last November, the CTGA of Toronto expanded its telephone service at no additional cost in order to be of greater and better service to its members. In addition to being able to leave a message for CTGA, members can get the latest complete information on CTGA events, outings and meetings. When tour companies are looking for guides, the CTGA member may listen to an outline of the job opportunities they are offering and names and numbers of contact. Seasonally (April to November) one will also be able to get up-dates on road closures, construction and other problems that may affect tours.

The CTGA of Toronto has at present 112 members. Of these, 95 or 85% have their Niagara Parks Commission Tour Guide licence. At least 65% of the members can be reached by fax. At least 18 languages other than English are spoken fluently by many of their members.



Past WFTGA President honoured
On 17 March 2000, the Cyprus Tourist Guides Association (CTGA) awarded Jane Orde honorary membership of the association for her contribution to the institution of guiding worldwide during her time as President of the World Federation (1987-1993). The ceremony took place in Cyprus when Jane and her husband Martin were on holiday on the island.

Jane Orde


Birna Bjarnleifsdottir, long-standing delegate and representative of Iceland’s Tourist Guide Association in the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA), Director of Studies of the Iceland Tourist Guide School, has been awarded the RF-Order of Merit for Educational Works in the Tourist Industry by the President of Iceland. Congratulations!



ITS Student Guides given a First Aid Course
The Institute of Tourism Studies has been holding a two year course leading to the granting of a guding licence. In May 1999, students were offered for the first time a First Aid Course run by the St. John’s ambulance Brigade. This organisation has a big reputation in the Maltese Islands, having recently celebrated its 90th anniversary providing services to the general public. The students attended lectures during which they were given instructions on how to deal with emergencies, they were shown videos and had to practice what they had been learning. At the end of the course, which consisted of eight lectures, the students sat for an exam, and those who passed received a certificate. It was recommended that the students should keep themselves abreast of further information by re-attending the course within the next three years.



Terms of Agreement for Tourist Guides
Johannesburg: Gauteng Guides will soon have official Terms of Agreement which is expected will become an official document between operators and guides by the second half of the year. Although some operators are currently applying their own official documents in this respect, it is felt that an industry standard should be agreed upon. The Gauteng Tourist Guides Association is in the process of drawing up a draft document for discussions and comments.
(Source: UPDATE, March 2000)

German Goverment steps in to train South African Tourist Guides
The chance of a lifetime awaits 60 young Black South Africans who wish to make tourist guiding a lifelong career. The German Government has offered to train a maximum of 60 applicants over a three-year period in Germany. The training programme will include a German language course and will take 12 months in Germany and six month in South Africa. Successful candidates must be Black South Africans and there must be an equitable geographical spread between South Africa’s nine provinces.
(Source: UPDATE, March 2000)

National Registrar will Exercise Control
In terms of the new Tourist Guide Act, the soon-to-be-appointed National Registrar will exercise overall control of the "New Look" South African tourist guide industry.

Some of the various tasks and duties for the appointee have been listed as follows:

        (Source: UPDATE, March 2000)



Blue Badge Guides are Tops
The Blue Badge Guides have been recognised for their "exceptional contribution to the development of tourism in the UK". On 17 November 1999, Lord Montague of Beaulieu presented the award at the Tourism Society’s annual dinner. Katrine Prince, the London Training Guide Director, received the award on behalf of the guides.


The Golden Jubilee
Nearly 200 Blue Badge guides, including three founding members, and guests attended the 50th anniversary reception of The Guild on 23 March 2000 at the House of Lords, hosted by the Rt. Hon. Lord Crathorne (HM the Queen’s Lord Lieutenant for North Yorkshire). It was a magnificent turnout with members coming from as far as Scotland and Jersey.

On 15 June, the Guild and the Benevolent Fund sponsored a garden party for Senior guides to celebrate the Guild’s Golden Jubilee. Gathered were guides who knew the beginnings and early days of professional tourist guiding and guides who knew the first "Blue Badge" and the Red Badge before that. The occasion, which was partly a Jubilee thank you to the Senior guides for their important contribution to the growth and recognition of the profession, was duly celebrated with the presentation of a special cake iced with the Guild’s early "London Pride" flower motif. is helping to maintain the Blue Badge presence on the World Wide Web. It includes a list of guides with web sites and now has a guide-search facility.


So you want to be a Tourist Guide in Scotland?
After introducing a new training strategy for Scottish Tourist Guides, guide training will never be the same in Scotland. However, the first "Magnificent Seven" under the new scheme made it and are proudly displaying their bright, new shiny badges as Scottish Tourist Guides.

Candidates for the course `97 were sought throughout the land and a pre-requisite for all applicants was that they should be fluent in at least one foreign language, if not bilingual (Scottish guides are not allowed to guide in languages in which they have not been succesfully tested). Final selection took place during the Introductory Course in May 1997. This meant that the succesful candidates found out through lectures, tours, video presentations and interviews, whether this was for them and whether they were suitable for the profession of tourist guide. The 19 successful candidates then embarked on the new training course.

The course now has three parts – Professional Skills, Regional Studies (out of 8 regions students have to complete courses in a minimum of six of them) and Core Knowledge. Core Knowledge is provided by the universities (Edinburgh, Strathclyde and Aberdeen) and is part of their normal Open Studies Courses. This gives the trainee guides more flexibility – they can attend at their local university and even take distance-learning courses. Regioanl Studies are again provided by the universities as distance-learning packs, followed by tours. Professional Skills include how to do it, when to do it, where to do it etc. All students have mentors who act as teachers, advisors, counsellors and shoulders to cry on.

Through essay writing and practical assessment over a minimum of two years, the budding guides achieve university credits which can be used for Scottish Studies Certificates, Scottish Tourist Guide Association (STGA) membership exam entry and even towards degrees.

The STGA practical exam is the final hurdle – two weekends of walking, site and coach tours, in English and foreign languages if appropriate, two written exams, interviews on everything from tour planning and emergency procedures, to how to translate a menu.

"Would I do it again?" asks Annette Kurth, one of "The Magnificent Seven", and continues: "Hell, no! Would I recommend the course to anyone? Definitely!"
(Source: STGA Guidelines, November 1999)



National Federation of Tourist Guide Associations-USA (NFTGA)
The NFTGA membership now includes the following guide associations: Arizona, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, New York City, Rocky Mountains, San Antonio, San Francisco, Savannah, Washington and the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides. The member organisations represent over 2,000 persons. The NFTGA plans to hold their first National Convention in 2002. It was voted to hold the national convention in the off year of the World Federation’s Conventions.


New York

According to a report in GuideLines, the newsletter of the Guide Association of New York City (GANYC), an Association of Walking Tour Guides was set up in the city last autumn.

A web site was being planned and the negotiations to get liability insurance for the membership were also to be continued.


Rocky Mountains

At a Tour Colorado meeting in February, attended by representatives of the Rocky Mountains Guides Association (RMGA), advertisements were presented that Colorado will be using to target several states, which based on studies, show the residents are interested in visiting Colorado. Tour Colorado is targeting ten out-of-state group tour operators which have shown an interest in Colorado. They will be receiving special advance notice on itineraries being developed to highlight all parts of Colorado.

Both of these initiatives are designed to bring more group tours to Colorado which should result in a greater need for tourist guides. The members of RMGA are doing their part to meet the growing demand. Guides are urged to take the RMGA Colorado Certified Guide Test to enhance proficiency. A new membership directory, containing the names of members and information about the types of tours and related work they offer have been sent to prospective employers/contractors and for Tour Colorado distribution.


San Antonio

Professional Tour Guide Association receives Thanks
In May, the San Antonio Living History Association was awarded a "Citation of Merit" from the Texas Historical Foundation. In a letter to the Professional Tour Guide Association of San Antonio, Ollie Moye, Public Relations Chairman writes in recognition of the guides‘ contribution: "The award is presented in recognition of the Association’s careful re-enactment of Texas historical events, breathing life into history for all who witness the event. Through these re-enactments, the history of Texas is transformed from merely a recounting of past events into a visible source of pride and respect for those whose bravery and sacrifice gave us the Texas of today. This could not have happened if had not been for your help. Thanks so much."

New Corporate Member
In the July issue of their newsletter, the PTGA of San Antonio welcomes a new Corporate Member, Natural Bridge Caverns, which is one of the world’s premier show caves. The South Cavern Adventure Tour takes guests on a thrilling 4-hour excursion. The Natural Bridge Mining Company gives visitors the opportunity to find and identify gemstones from around the world.


San Francisco

Parking in San Francisco
"Aside from the frustration of just FINDING a parking space", Jean Feilmoser writes in an issue of The Guidepost, "we folks with cars must face the reality of eventually getting a parking ticket. Parking tickets are a big business in San Francisco, which last year issued a whopping $95 million in fines."

In San Francisco 2.3 million parking tickets are issued every year. "If your car is towed away, you not only have to pay the ticket, but also the $125 fee to get your car out of hock", Jean reminds her guide colleagues. And she adds a few more tips, which are worth to be considered again by many driving guides around the world:

"Take a cab, keep your car at home; read EVERY sign on the block before leaving your car; take public transportation."

Here are some more statistics to make you think:

Average number of parking patrol officers working each day in San Francisco – 107 (out of 245 employees); noon to 1pm – the time most tickets are issued; misuse of handicap placard -$500; parking in spot for handicapped - $275; parking in bus zone - $250; leaving the engine idling -$100 (so watch those busses).


DC Guide Licensing Regulations and Penalties for Unlicensed Guides
The District of Columbia Municipal Regulations 19, Sections 47-2836 Guides, and 47-2845 Penalties read:

"No person shall for hire guide or escort any person through or about the District of Columbia unless he/she hall have first secured a licence to do so." Licences must be clearly visible at all times for purposes of enforcement.

"Any person violating any provisions of the chapter where no specific penalty is fixed shall upon conviction be fined not more than $300 or imprisoned for not more than 90 days. Civil fines, penalties, and fees may be imposed as alternative sanctions for any infraction of the provisions of this chapter."

New Web Site Address
As from mid-summer you will be able to reach The Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Washington, D.C. also at

1999 Guild Member Survey
In her president’s Message in the July 2000 issue of The Capital Guide, Jane North, President of The Guild, reports that a 1999 Guild Member Survey revealed that two-thirds of the Guild members volunteer in their communities ... on boards, as docents, and a broad variety of non-profit organisations. And they volunteer, of course, in their professional organisation as well. "These volunteers are really unpaid professionals who willingly carry the burden of responsibility for managing and running the Guild as Board Members and Committee Chairs", Jane North gratefully remarks.

Congratulations, Tony!
Guild member Tony Pitch has been awarded the Maryland Historical Society’s Book Prize for 1999 for The Burning of Washington: The British Invasion of 1814. Tony’s book, a featured selection of the History Book Club and, according to the Associated Press, read by President Clinton while on holidays last year, has also been optioned by the National Geographic for a movie. Since the publication of the book, Tony has been leading bus tours based on the book for conventions, trade associations and private groups. He has also begun work on his new book, the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Members of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) celebrate International Tourist Guide Day (ITGD) each 21 February. Guide Associations in many countries some of which had never participated before took part in ITGD 2000. Here are just a few examples:



Tourism Victoria hosted a special cocktail party in recognition of International Tourist Guide Day. Over 100 invited guests enjoyed not only a stunning view from the Sir Redmond Barry Room in Melbourne‘s ANZ Tower but also networked and exchanged ideas, experiences and business cards. During his speech, the Minister for Tourism, the Hon. John Pandazopoulos, recalled how often he had relied upon the knowledge and expertise of Tourist Guides when visiting unfamiliar cities. He later reiterated how necessary good guides are to the continuing success of the tourism industry in Victoria.


International Tourist Guide Day was celebrated for the first time by the Area Sydney of the Institute of Australian Tourist Guides. Six of their members assisted with a visit to the Koala Park Sanctuary by family groups involved with treatment from Westmead Children’s Hospital. It was a happy day for the partially handicapped children, their families and the guides.


Among the various tours the Vienna Guides offered this year on International Tourist Guide Day, there was a special tour for refugees living in Vienna. 70 refugees took the opportunity to get better acquainted with their host city. The tradional tour for the blind provided 80 persons with the experience of a visit to the Ernst Fuchs Villa in Vienna’s 14th District, while another 450 participants were shown through the KunstHaus Wien. Among the latter were also 30 small children from a kindergarten.



This year, the Marketing Committee of APGT tested the knowledge of hotel sales people and in all Montreal hotels. They were told that if they failed the test they would be obliged to attend a guided tour. On 21 February, five guides volunteered to do the tour on one and the same coach. This was done in order to demonstrate that each guide has his/her own guiding style and expertise in various fields. This team guiding was also meant to show that although tourist guides normally work alone, if necessary, they also work together as a team. Geaudreault coach company sponsored the coach and the Montreal Casino sponsored the lunch on this beautiful sunny day.


The Canadian Tour Guide Association of Toronto decided to combine International Tourist Guide and Canada Flag Day, which is celebrated on 15th February. It was held in the rotunda of Metro Hall from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm when many people are passing through on their way to or from lunch. A very creative member of the Association, Marilyn Perlman, conceived the idea of the Great Canadian Quiz, which consisted of six huge crossword puzzles containing questions about Canada. Government officials were approached for Canadian and Ontario gifts such as flags, pins, calendars etc. Many local businesses such as restaurants, tourist attractions and shops also donated very nice prizes. An estimated 250 people either participated or visited the event and nearly 40 dedicated CTGA members turned out in support.


The guide association, working with the Nepal Tourist Board and Kathmandu Metropolitan City, developed a new traffic island in the nation’s capital.


Birdwatching was organized in Entebbe’s Heritage Park. Birdwatching is being encouraged as an activity for tourists because it does not adversely affect the eco-system.


As in previous years, International Tourist Guide Day received a lot of publicity and large media coverage from local radio and press. Many guides offered walking tours around their cities, all of which were well attended. In some places donations were collected for local charities.



Washington DC had glorious weather for the day and the guides filled 15 coaches with 673 people, while approximately 400 people took advantage of the three different walking tours that were available. There was one particularly ambitious lady who went on the coach tour and on all three walking tours! The Mayor issued a proclamation in which he recognized the important role of tourist guides as goodwill ambassadors within the industry.

San Antonio

Twenty-eight guides dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls armed with signs and banners welcoming thousands of visitors to the Stock Show and Rodeo. They also gave visitors directions and told them about the history of San Antonio.

San Francisco

Despite the threatening rain, 278 eager participants arrived at San Francisco City Hall, ready to go.Thanks to the bus companies which donated buses and drivers, the companies, which graciously provided room and refreshments for the mid-point reception, and the many volunteering Guild members, the day was a huge success.

The 9th WORLD FEDERATION OF TOURIST GUIDE ASSOCIATIONS CONVENTION will be held in Jerusalem, Israel, from 28 January to 2 February 2001. There will be a pre-convention tour to Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Haifa, and the Golan Heights from 24 to 28 January. The post-convention tour will take place from 2-8 February and will highlight the most interesting sites in Jordan.

For information and registration forms please contact: International Travel & Congresses Ltd., P.O. Box 29313, Tel Aviv 61292, tel. +972-3-795 1444, fax +972-3-510 7716, e-mail:



Due to the political situation in Israel, the venue of the 9th International Convention of the World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations had to be changed. The Convention will now take place in Nicosia, Cyprus, from 28 January to 2 February 2001. The Delegates' Meetings will be held from 26-28 January. The early bird registration fee will be applicable until 30 November 2000.

For full details and registration please contact:Cyprus Tourist Guides Association P.O. Box 24942, CY-1355 NICOSIA, CYPRUS Tel. 00357-2-765755 Fax 00357-2-766872 e-mail:


Emperor Charles V - Europe’s Power and Powerlessness
In our globalised world the sun never sets on Unilever, General Electric or Toyota. Still only a century ago, the sun never set upon the British Empire. Already five hundred years ago, entertaining the dream of a world government in which Europe would be the economic and religious fulcrum, Charles V anticipated themes that are still vital today. To celebrate the 500th anniversary of his birth, a large exhibition in the Vienna Kunsthistorische Museum illustrates from 16 June to 10 September the trends and outcomes of this equally ambitious as unlucky project.

The exhibition shows the time and personality of a sovereign whose figure still holds a particular interest for Europe and the world. With its successors, Charles V’s world empire became a colonial empire. The terrible world conflicts of the 20th century pushed the human race to open the international agreement culminating in the United Nations and the European Union. In the year 2000 a glance is drawn backward to the 16th century in which everything of fundamental importance for the figurative arts, music, culture material and the sciences of Europe and the whole world began.


"Los Honores" in Malines, Belgium
One of the greatest sets of early Renaissance tapestries, woven for Charles V, has been returned to Flanders for conservation and now forms the centrepiece of an exhibition in Belgium. Following lengthy diplomatic negotiations, Spain agreed to lend "Los Honores" for a show, provided that Malines paid for the immense tapestries to be restored. Cleaned of centuries of grime, and displayed under suitable lighting, the nine hangings provide dazzling evidence of the virtuoso craftsmanship of the Flemish weavers.

Charles V had the huge tapestries, each five by up to ten metres, carried on his numerous journeys around Europe, to adorn his temporary residences. This helps to explain why Flemish tapestries came to be described as "the mobile frescoes of the North". "Los Honores" passed to successive Spanish monarchs, becoming part of the Patrimonio Nacional, and since 1957 they have been displayed at the palace of La Granja, near Segovia. "Los Honores" are on show at Malines‘ Antoon Spinoy Cultural Centre until 8 October.
(Source: The Art Newspaper, no. 105, July/August 2000)

With Scepter and Pilgrim’s Staff
With a view to the forthcoming International Convention in Israel, the Austrian (and, in particular the Vienna) guides are particularly lucky. So-to-speak in preparation of the visit to our host country, the Dom- und Diözesanmuseum in Vienna is at present showing an exhibition about the Austrian presence in the Holy Land at the time of the Emperor Francis Joseph. The visitor of the show becomes acquainted with the historical and political aspects of Palestine in the early 19th century and can then travel with the Habsburgs through the country. With the interesting old photographs in mind, Convention participants will be able to make an on-site comparision with the present days. One of the members of the Honorary Exhibition Committee is Teddy Kollek, former Mayor of Jerusalem.


The Austrian Hospice around 1900 and after the renovation
Photo: Krämer/S.Gaukell

The Austrian Post Office in Jerusalem around 1914
Photo: PTA

It´s Summer Festival Time!




"Such a wild ecstatic passion" – "Werther" by Jules Massenet
If you are a student of German or a lover of literature you are most probably acquainted with "The Sorrows of Young Werther" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. But have you ever heard the sung version of this epistolary novel?

Wiener Stadt- & Landesbibliothek

After last years’s "Faust" by Arigo Boito, the KlangBogenWien 2000, the annual summer music festival in Vienna, successfully undertook the task of bringing the lyrical drama in four acts and five scenes "Werther" by Jules Massenet onto the stage. The excellent performances (unfortunately only five) were sung in French by an international cast. German subtitles were provided. In his memoirs, Massenet stated that in 1885, after a joint visit to the house where Goethe’s novel in letters was written, his friend and publisher Hartmann put a copy of the French translation of the book into his hands, arousing the composer’s enthusiasm at once. "Such a wild, ecstatic passion brought tears to my eyes. These moving scenes, these enthralling pictures – what a lot one could do with them! That was Werther! That was my 3rd Act!" enthused the composer in his autobiography.


Klinger & Husar OEG


Although Massenet completed the composition of "Werther" in 1887, because of the fire in the Opéra Comique in Paris, where Massenet first wanted to present the work, the premiere did not take place until 1892 in the Vienna Court Opera.

More interesting works on the programme such as Astor Piazolla´s Tango Operita "Maria de Buenos Aires" reflect the concept of KlangBogen Wien 2000: presenting marginal works of the opera repertoire for renewed discussion and giving unknown ones a chance to shine forth. Make sure you look at the KlangBogen programme when you plan a visit to Vienna ( ,


Peter Lindenberg


This summer, two hundred life-size polyester cows are turning the Old City of Salzburg into a colourful alpine landscape. During "kunst + kuh - Salzburg 2000" (cow + art - Salzburg 2000) especially young Austrian artists, art schools and the inhabitants of Salzburg will give free rein to their creativity and adorn the animals with colourful paints and shapes. In the past two years, the open air exhibition, which will last from August to October, was already successful in Zurich and Chicago. Apart from Salzburg, also the Big Apple will be "crowded" with similar cows this summer.

Plant your Garden

Plant three rows of peas:
Peace of mind
Peace of heart
Peace of soul

Plant four rows of squash:
Squash gossip
Squash indifference
Squash grumbling
Squash selfishness

Plant four rows of lettuce:
Lettuce be faithful
Lettuce be kind
Lettuce be happy
Lettuce really love one another

No garden should be without turnips:
Turnip for service when needed
Turnip to help one another
Turnip the music and dance

Water freely with patience and
Cultivate with love.
There is much fruit in your garden
Because you reap what you sow.

To conclude our garden
We must have thyme:
Thyme for fun
Thyme for rest
Thyme for ourselves.

Peter Schlager/Publico


From the Northern Echo: "Hairdresser, Spennymore, wage depending on experience, up to 40 hours per wee".

From the East Anglian Daily Times: "Adaptable person required to help in bust office."

From the newsletter of a parish church: "Christmas Fayre. A good chance to get rid of anything unwanted. Bring your husbands."

From the Hexham Courant: "Bed, double divan, vice sprung mattress ... regretful sale."

"Dangerous Bath" – explanation of the red flag on the beach at Canet Plage (France).

"Foreign Baggages" – a large and presumably very expensive sign in the Arrivals Hall of Toulouse International Airport.

Warning label stuck to a folding ladder purchased in France: in French: "Sens d’utilisation a respecter imperativement"; in English: "The sense of use must be dully respected".

We welcome Turkey as a new member to the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations!

Watch out for more information about our new member in the next issue of GUIDELINES INTERNETIONAL.

+ + +

The 9th WFTGA Convention to take place in Israel has been cancelled. See under SPECIAL EVENTS.




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